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Description: AIR PURIFIER BY NANO-E HEPA 55 M² - 6,7 M³/MIN
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Ideal for a large room or office, it has a 3D airflow that draws in heavy dust, light smoke and odorous particles efficiently. It quickly sucks them up from the top, sides and even more efficiently from the bottom with the MEGA Catcher.
Equipped with Nanoe technology, it also removes bacteria, viruses, pollens and other pollutants from the air and your surfaces. The Nanoe technology has a double action: it improves the quality of the air and desodorises the textiles in your room.
It has the Econavi mode, an intelligent technology that records your habits and analyses the level of pollution in your room using its sensors. This means that your purifier only works when necessary: when movement or harmful elements are detected. This mode allows you to maintain a healthy air quality while ensuring savings of up to 60%.